About StillandListening

Have you ever desired to know the meaning of true Christianity? or on the flip side have you ever looked at actions and truly known they speak louder than words because there is a contradiction?

Here we give the real meaning of a Christian.

This is where we have real talk through the gifts God has given us.

It is our desire to see everyone grow through this forum.

I hope the art and the main inspiration of the artists inspires you.

Our desire is to minister through talent in our small space.

We however like hearing from others as a Christian does not grow through being in solitary

Therefore we encourage those who desire to grow themselves and to grow the kingdom of God to submit what they have to us:hence we designed a whole page to tell you how you can submit – minister with us- to get there click here

Feel free to talk to us through stillandlistening@gmail.com

Welcome,enjoy and more so be blessed.


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