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Do you have a passion to spread the message of Christ?

Do you have any thoughts centered on Christianity?

Would you like to air any concern, raise awareness or inform the community about any matters Christianity?

Do you have a gift God has given you that can be used in ministry?

If this is you StillandListening is willing to help you using this space and influence

Point to Note

You will NOT be paid for contributions made to this blog

Here we do not lock out anyone who wants to nurture themselves. On the contrary we encourage them to come as they are (black, white, yellow, red, colored, young and old, male and female) and to post whatever they have be it poetry,music,photography,videography,scripture,stories,reviews,articles,Interviews, commentaries, essays, discussions, interviews and anything contributing to the growth of God’s Kingdom.

However there are some instructions that will ensure smooth running:

  1. )  Send a typed word document to the email
  2. ) The Content must be related to Christian teaching.[support with scripture]
  3. ) Use font Times New Roman, font 12, for spacing use a Double spacing or 1.5 spacing. Length any is OK as long as the message is home.
  4. ) Use any language but if you use anything other than English it would be appreciated if you provide a translation- in cases where it may only be a few words provide footnotes at the end of the document.
  5. ) Use of vulgar or abusive language will not be allowed.
  6. ) Cynicism, tribalism, racism, discrimination and any other form of hate speech is not allowed.Kindly avoid being controversial in your posts and also as a person as this is NOT JUST ARTISTRY BUT MINISTRY.
  7. )Give a BRIEF description of yourself (emphasis on BRIEF) and submit any blogs or social media sites you run.
  8. ) Kindly avoid typos however we will do our best when it comes to editing (if you wish to use coded language such as Me I… for effect we accept but inform us in advance).
  9. )You are advised to share your work on your social media platforms as we aim to do the same
  10. )Simultaneous Submissions are allowed. You can submit elsewhere, and even after being published on StillandListening: feel free to post your work anywhere else. We do not want to limit our writers, because when you come to think of it, we do not even pay our contributors, so it would be unfair to tie their work here. However, if you repost your article elsewhere, we require you to link back to us or credit us as the original publishers.

Likewise if your work was posted elsewhere credit the original publisher -kindly inform us in the submission to avoid legal issues.

11.) If you use any photos ,videos, lyrics,PDFs, articles, poems or anything else that does  not belong to you kindly give credit to the respective owners.

Point to Note

We will not be responsible if you plagiarize or steal and credit anyone’s work as yours. If faced with any legal problems we will not be on your defense. Respect other people’s work to avoid legal battles.

We accept everyone for who they are However anything Inappropriate and censored within Christian circles will not be taken. (Refer to 4 and 5 above)

Is there anything clarification you need? Drop us an email (refer to 1 above)

Usiseme Hukuambiwa!

Happy writing and God bless.

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