Naomi had two sons Mahlon and Kilion married Moabite women namely Orpah and Ruth. But tragedy happened Elimelech who was her husband died. Her two sons also died. Naomi now had to go back to Bethlehem. But she says to her daughters in law- return home my daughters. Why would you come with me? Am I going to have any more sons, who would become your husbands ? Return home my daughters. Orpah went her way but Ruth said to Naomi, don’t urge me to leave or turn back from you. Where you go, I go and where you stay i will stay. Where you die, i will die and there i will be buried. In her work for the Lord among the grainfields she meets her husband Boaz. Ruth is now the great,great grandmother of Jesus through following God’s will. I mean how long did she wait for the Lord to meet Boaz? so if it takes you to follow Naomi in God’s design just so he may be glorified do it. Chase God and not Boaz.It has to take Obedience so Lord Where you go i will go. Where you lead i will follow. IN YOUR WILL.


no one is perfect Lorraine Wangari brings it clearly in her piece

Lorraine Wangari Written

At times I have typos in my writing
It says I am not perfect
I need an editor
My mistakes are too many
Though my English is simple
I use few words to describe myself
But I never realize I have said too much
What more can I do
For I have seasons in my life
That I have stories to tell
Stories too long
Too long they cannot fill one book
They fill libraries
I have flaws that I love
Flaws that are God given
For outside beauty does not define me
Instead it is the beauty in my heart
Because there in my heart Christ lives
That is why I boldy proclaim
A proclamation that
I have been crucified with Christ
And I no longer live
But Christ lives in me
The life I now live
I live by faith In the son of God
Who loved me…

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Go to the great city of Nineveh and preach against it, because its wickedness has come up before me. Jonah in his craftiness ran away thinking that the Lord does not know. Who told you that you can run away from God? He headed to Tarshish via ship but the Lord sent a storm on sea. The men in the boat cast lots to find out the cause of the storm. Lo and behold and there they found out it was Jonah. Why have you run away from the Lord? Do you want us to die? Throw me into the sea and it shall be calm Jonah says. They threw him into the sea and at the calm of storm they worshiped the God of Jonah. While at sea the Lord provided a fish to swallow the disobedient Jonah. For three days and nights in the belly of a fish but he prayed God to set him free.

When God gave his mercy on Jonah he headed to Nineveh preached the word and the people repented. When this message got to the king he too repented but Jonah was distressed when this people turned their ways and were forgiven. The Lord is compassionate but Jonah is angered aat the depths of God’s compassion. He wondered why a leafy plant would grow overnight  and provide enough shade but be chewed by a worm the next day. This is how we are we do God’s work but we are not necessarily concerned about the people. We are more concerned about that which does not matter. The non-human and non-living such as our phones and televisions give meaning but human life does not. Go to Nineveh where the Lord has sent you but most importantly the concern for their hearts should give meaning to you because how you deliver the message is as important as the message.


There is a valley in your life. A valley in my vision. A vision the Lord has given me about you. A prophesy you need to hear because before I could understand clearly he had to lead me back and forth among the bones. Bones that was very dry. Dryer than clay that has been under the sun but it is not a hopeless situation because the Lord can breathe into those bones and they will come to life. So ask the Lord to speak into your dry bones today. But you have to eat the scroll if the Lord has to work in you for you can’t give life when you have none. So as God’s chosen people take the scroll and eat it. This is the bread you need for your bones to have life.



There are two Gardens
Two beautiful gardens that I know
One Garden perpetuated sin
The other garden was used to bring life from the death caused by the sin in the first garden.
It is not a coincidence that there are two Adams just as there are two Gardens.
The Garden of Eden bore the forbidden fruit.
That Eve ate and gave to her husband Adam.
Adam also ate this fruit in solidarity with his wife.
Falling short of God’s glory
The disobedience by our first parents brought death – Spiritual death, physical death, psychological death, environmental death that Jesus through his life in the garden of Gethsemane abolished when he was arrested since Pilate would find no fault in him .
His death at the cross was only a sign we are dead to sin but his resurrection was a sign we are alive in him for he gave us life in eternal.
So each time you walk close by a garden remember the betrayal ,remember the denial ,the arrest, the trial, the rejection of the crowd, the crucifixion, the crown of thorns, the death, the resurrection, the ascension and above all the purpose of Calvary on the mission of Christ.


Innocent is caught along the street and is accused of murder.

Before the jury he pleads ‘‘not guilty’’

Without evidence he is given a death sentence.

But before the judge pronounces judgment on him.

The actual murderer-time comes running into the room and says.

I killed justice

Then the prosecutor says a father investigation is needed.

Two days later after a post Mortem is done.

Time’s fingerprints are found on the corpse.

Time before the court pleads guilty

God’s gavels gave innocence his freedom.

The Holy Spirit convicted time of sin.

The world wanted justice out of the meal but god served it as part of a balanced diet.


You have a lot of money, a good car, a good house and a stable family.

You can afford expensive hotels and a luxurious lifestyle.

You think you are the happiest but it turns out that you are the saddest.

You call yourself blessed but you do not know the meaning of blessed because you do not know who gives the blessings you are just there to receive them.

You think you have everything but you have nothing you are void of Christ.

It does not matter what is put into you because without Christ you are empty.