The Israelites are oppressed. They are slaves in a foreign land. This is God’s promise to Abraham. But Pharaoh has held them captive and will not release them without authority from a higher deity. They will be slaves if no one comes to the rescue. So Moses is born and in the plan of God... Continue Reading →



Naomi had two sons Mahlon and Kilion married Moabite women namely Orpah and Ruth. But tragedy happened Elimelech who was her husband died. Her two sons also died. Naomi now had to go back to Bethlehem. But she says to her daughters in law- return home my daughters. Why would you come with me? Am... Continue Reading →


There is a valley in your life. A valley in my vision. A vision the Lord has given me about you. A prophesy you need to hear because before I could understand clearly he had to lead me back and forth among the bones. Bones that was very dry. Dryer than clay that has been... Continue Reading →


There are two Gardens Two beautiful gardens that I know One Garden perpetuated sin The other garden was used to bring life from the death caused by the sin in the first garden. It is not a coincidence that there are two Adams just as there are two Gardens. The Garden of Eden bore the... Continue Reading →


Innocent is caught along the street and is accused of murder. Before the jury he pleads ‘‘not guilty’’ Without evidence he is given a death sentence. But before the judge pronounces judgment on him. The actual murderer-time comes running into the room and says. I killed justice Then the prosecutor says a father investigation is... Continue Reading →


You have a lot of money, a good car, a good house and a stable family. You can afford expensive hotels and a luxurious lifestyle. You think you are the happiest but it turns out that you are the saddest. You call yourself blessed but you do not know the meaning of blessed because you... Continue Reading →


In this world there are many important things. More important but we give them less consideration. People are important, life is important,God's creation is important. But instead we like the good things of life. We love money wealth,possessions and fame. This in turn  leads us to destroy the important things. When money is what we... Continue Reading →

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