The Israelites are oppressed. They are slaves in a foreign land. This is God’s promise to Abraham. But Pharaoh has held them captive and will not release them without authority from a higher deity. They will be slaves if no one comes to the rescue. So Moses is born and in the plan of God Pharaoh’s daughter acts as his mother. One day as Moses was taking care of the flock of his father-in –law, Jethro, the Lord appeared to Moses in the form of a burning bush. Though the bush was on fire it did not burn up. Moses drew closer to see this strange sight but the Lord called to Him from within the bush, Moses! Moses! He was sending him to take his people out of misery. Moses goes to Pharaoh and he says LET MY PEOPLE GO! If I were to speak to you this day I would say: the devil has oppressed you for long and God is saying to him-let my child go! The Lord has freed you from the enemy’s chains but so should you know the devil is still looking for you because he does not love holiness and the Lord seeing your oppression has forgotten but he says to the enemy; LET MY PEOPLE GO!


Naomi had two sons Mahlon and Kilion married Moabite women namely Orpah and Ruth. But tragedy happened Elimelech who was her husband died. Her two sons also died. Naomi now had to go back to Bethlehem. But she says to her daughters in law- return home my daughters. Why would you come with me? Am I going to have any more sons, who would become your husbands ? Return home my daughters. Orpah went her way but Ruth said to Naomi, don’t urge me to leave or turn back from you. Where you go, I go and where you stay i will stay. Where you die, i will die and there i will be buried. In her work for the Lord among the grainfields she meets her husband Boaz. Ruth is now the great,great grandmother of Jesus through following God’s will. I mean how long did she wait for the Lord to meet Boaz? so if it takes you to follow Naomi in God’s design just so he may be glorified do it. Chase God and not Boaz.It has to take Obedience so Lord Where you go i will go. Where you lead i will follow. IN YOUR WILL.


There is a valley in your life. A valley in my vision. A vision the Lord has given me about you. A prophesy you need to hear because before I could understand clearly he had to lead me back and forth among the bones. Bones that was very dry. Dryer than clay that has been under the sun but it is not a hopeless situation because the Lord can breathe into those bones and they will come to life. So ask the Lord to speak into your dry bones today. But you have to eat the scroll if the Lord has to work in you for you can’t give life when you have none. So as God’s chosen people take the scroll and eat it. This is the bread you need for your bones to have life.