I know i am a good person is the lie in my head. Just because i cannot hurt your cheeckbones or remove your nose with the power of my fist when you annoy me has now made me a good person. Ha? Practicing my skills or using my energy on unnecessary fights . NO! NEVER!... Continue Reading →



I may look small But God has lifted me up Higher and higher He made me who I am His greatness is with me Because he lives in me He holds my tomorrow He sees it for me Then I live it for him I may look like I amount to little But in him... Continue Reading →


Accountability is one word almost everybody, if not everybody, hates. No actually, they do not hate the word they hate the concept. See being accountable is being answerable and responsible. We hate being answerable for what we do and say. That is why you hear some saying "I don't owe anyone an explanation." Christians should... Continue Reading →


How can you pray for someone whom you do not love? This post will be answering this question today. In the first place, why don’t you love this person if you are a Christian? The concept of love is emphasized strongly across the scripture in various ways. The Bible talks about God’s love for us... Continue Reading →


CASE STUDY 1 It was late in the night Mr. and Mrs. Oyuma were fighting. Their marriage had been at cracks for long. Neighbors would hear them fight over and over again. This time it got nasty. Mr. Oyuma had been accused of selfishness and narcissism. I mean how bad self- centeredness can possibly be.... Continue Reading →


I know you have heard the quote that is said unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.
There is also another that says Holding a grudge is like letting someone live rent free inside your head.
Lorraine minsters this in her post heart fires

Lorraine Wangari Written


What is a heart fire?

A heart fire is a state in which the heart burns because of what it holds. It is a state of the heart in which one is unstuck due to holding on to past pain simply put UNFORGIVENESS.

At times we feel it takes too much to forgive at times we feel it is impossible to forgive. But every time we pray the Lord’s Prayer we say

Forgive us our trespasses

As we forgive those who trespass against us.

We ask to be forgiven as we ask God to help us to forgive but one thing: is that we do not want to forgive. That becomes our main hindrance to us being forgiving and to what we request because we do not want to act upon it.

It is true that God forgives even when we do not deserve it. That also points to…

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