There was this young adult
Approximately the same age as me
Probably slightly older
She couldn’t be younger because
In my high school and degree level at the university
I have always been younger than most people in my class
With this young lady
We were close to becoming friends
We could have been good friends
Only if we did not disagree
However one day we had a discussion in class
And… we did not agree
Even worse we argued
We grew further apart
On the stairway
I could say hi to her but nothing
She just walks away
It is not as if she did not hear
Coz before we disagreed we had a story
We enjoyed meeting each other
But this now is not what i wanted for myself
Hence i knew this was the ultimate test for our friendship
Hear this
David and Jonathan were real friends
Only death could break them apart
But in death David was loyal
When he showed kindness to Mephibosheth
Who was the son of Jonathan
Jonathan was even more loyal to David
Loyal when David was close to death
In the hands of Saul
As close to death as someone breathing their last
He just escaped it like a bird from a hunters trap
The trap was broken ( by a loyal friend aided by God ) and he escaped
Saul trusted his son Jonathan with the information about his plans
And with three arrows Jonathan protected David
And almost died at the shot of Saul’s arrow that would have been a shot at David
I would like to be the friend of those whom i disagree with
I do not love war
But human beings are bound to disagree
Therefore may this little disagreements
Bring as closer and closer and closer
I also pray to you that i may be loyal as Jonathan was to David and David was to Jonathan
That we may learn from each other like Paul and Timothy
Dine or break bread together like church as recorded in Acts whom persecution strenghthened and not separated them
But moreso may we be friends as Christ is our friend


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