This is a dramatic piece that shows the meaning of a real christian enjoy.


Character #1:               So they ask me who is a Christian

They say that they keep hearing that word

They tell me that they do not know what that means

But I say a Christian …

Real Christian:            is Christ like

is not about being Sunday best

Character #1:              so you are saying you don’t like my

Clothes, look, behaviours and person on Sunday ?

Real Christian:            no you don’t understand

A Christian is not just about Sunday

of being a Christian is what your life looks consistently

Character #1:               but I wear my best clothes for him

My behaviors are good to him

I always look good for him

Both:                              but it seems

Real Christian:            it only happens on Sunday for you

So that means you are only a Sunday Christian

Character #1:               people know I go to Church

Real Christian:            so that means the only Church they know is they know

Is the church of Laodicea

A lukewarm Church described in Revelation 3:14

That God will spit out of His mouth

He would have preferred they be hot or cold

Character #1:               so you are you don’t like me because I am hot?

Real Christian:            no I did not say that

I said you cannot serve two masters at the same time

Character#1:                does that mean I choose between my boss and God?

Real Christian:            you don’t understand Him (pointing up)

God needs worship

God gave that boss to you

He gave that work to you

And everything you do needs to be an act like worship

Even your work

Character #1:               work that I was given after going through series of interviews

With a strict panel that…

Real Christian:            a panel that choose you out of the many because God saw you among

Many that were in the list as the one who should serve him in that position

Character#1:                so you are saying the Panelists were there to determine whether I am

Christian or not

Real Christian:            no the panelists were there to choose person to continue with the

Work of God’s kingdom.

Character#1:                The work of God’s kingdom is done in Church.

Real Christian:            A Church is the body of Christ it all depends on what Church you are

Character#1:                what do you mean what Church that I am?

Real Christian:            you could be one of the seven Churches in Revelation 2 and 3

The Church in Ephesus

Ran from their first love

The Church in Smyrna

Who had faith that perseveres

Revealing Jesus to a broken world

The Church in Pergamum

Who are steadfastly faithful

But enticed by the teachings of Balaam

The Church in Sardis

A reputation of being alive but dead

The Church in Philadelphia

Who have allowed Christ to empower them

Through their struggles in endurance

The church in Thyatira

Who tolerate that woman Jezebel who

Seduces God’s servants to practice sexual immorality

Or the Church in Laodicea

Neither hot or cold

Whom God will spit out of His mouth

Character#1:                 Wait a minute you said being a Christian is

Being like Christ

So why are you talking about a Church?

Real Christian:            Because the Church is the body of Christ

Character#1:                If the Church is the body of Christ why are there different Churches?

Real Christian:            because each Church has its own works

We know one by their works

Works is the evidence of the fruit of our salvation

Works are the outward sign of an inward change

Character #1:               And what does Christ do because I only see him pointing out my

Wrong in this -judging me

Real Christian:            Christ loves you, he is love –real love-the only love that is able to keep you from falling

Character #1:               people say they are Christians but show no love

Real Christian:            they do not know God because he who does not love does not know God

Character #1:               so are you saying they are the Church of Ephesus

They ran from their first love

Real Christian:            yes because they know the first love

But quantify the love he gives

To choose separate and distinguish

Character#1:                Apart from love what is God?

Real Christian:            he is a God of mercy and Justice

Mercy because he gave his son

To die on the cross for my sins

That if you believe in him you shall live eternally

He is Rock of ages

The Alpha and Omega

But let me say to you
there are not enough words to describe this name Jesus

Character#1:                Justice?

Where is Justice?

Real Christian:            Justice when you pay for your sin

For refusing to believe

Justice is part of his mercy

He is the only one who can put mercy and justice

On one beam and let them balance

Character#1:                you said Jesus died on a cross for my sins

Real Christian:            Yes

He took the cup of suffering from you

He took nails for your nails

He took lashes for your lashes

Tortured and bruised for you

Father into your hands his last breath for you (strong heavy breathe)

Character#1:                and so if you took his last breathe for me to get Justice

Would you give me time to consider salvation that I may see his mercy?

Real Christian:            sure because before he died

He said it is finished


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