Go to the great city of Nineveh and preach against it, because its wickedness has come up before me. Jonah in his craftiness ran away thinking that the Lord does not know. Who told you that you can run away from God? He headed to Tarshish via ship but the Lord sent a storm on sea. The men in the boat cast lots to find out the cause of the storm. Lo and behold and there they found out it was Jonah. Why have you run away from the Lord? Do you want us to die? Throw me into the sea and it shall be calm Jonah says. They threw him into the sea and at the calm of storm they worshiped the God of Jonah. While at sea the Lord provided a fish to swallow the disobedient Jonah. For three days and nights in the belly of a fish but he prayed God to set him free.

When God gave his mercy on Jonah he headed to Nineveh preached the word and the people repented. When this message got to the king he too repented but Jonah was distressed when this people turned their ways and were forgiven. The Lord is compassionate but Jonah is angered aat the depths of God’s compassion. He wondered why a leafy plant would grow overnight  and provide enough shade but be chewed by a worm the next day. This is how we are we do God’s work but we are not necessarily concerned about the people. We are more concerned about that which does not matter. The non-human and non-living such as our phones and televisions give meaning but human life does not. Go to Nineveh where the Lord has sent you but most importantly the concern for their hearts should give meaning to you because how you deliver the message is as important as the message.


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