In this world there are many important things. More important but we give them less consideration. People are important, life is important,God’s creation is important. But instead we like the good things of life. We love money wealth,possessions and fame. This in turn  leads us to destroy the important things.
When money is what we need we steal, We kill. Remember… Judas killed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. When we need fame we destroy our enemies to avoid scandals not forgetting we are causing bigger we are causing bigger scandals that God will unveil at the edge of his gavel. What’s important to us has changed. We love what feels good to us and ends up destroying us leaving us dead . We loved the money so we kissed the skin of our foes and hanged ourselves so the flames of hell now kiss our skins. We are burning and we know it.
So let our love be real love. The love the lord gives and not the world.
There fore let us pray that the Lord may give us eyes like Christ and not like Judas


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